National Officers

Presiding Officers

Claire Gothard
University of Louisville

Jack Pelose
Georgetown University

Hayley Reeves
Speaker of the House
University of Alambama

Ethan Aerts
Senate President Pro Tempore
Albion College

Amanda Funderburg
Chief Justice
University of Arkansas

Kayla Payne
University of Louisville


Administrative Officers

Nolan Bush 
Dir. of Operations
American University

Nicole Fielder
Dir. of Chapter Admin.
University of Louisville

Corey Shirey
Dir. of Initiatives
Northwestern Okla. State Univ.

Jared Thomas
Dir. of Communications
University of Louisville

Pablo Rasmussen
Dir. of Government Relations
Harvard College


Alumni & Development

Mary-Kate Roffey
Alum, Class of 2017

Officer Overview

The National Officers are grouped by Presiding Officers – positions that preside over the Campus YMCA Congress, and Administrative Officers – positions that lead year-round organizational administration.

All of our National Officers are assisted by Supporting Officers, who are appointed to serve in various capacities specific to session or year-round administration.

Presiding Officers Supporting Officers | Apply each Fall
Vice-President Cabinet Members
Speaker of the House House Chairs & Clerk
Senate Pro Tempore Senate Chairs & Secretary
Chief Justice Associate Justices
Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor(s)
Administrative Officers Supporting Officers | Appointed
Dir. of Operations
Dir. of Chapter Administration Regional Coordinators
Dir. of Communications Asst. Dir. of Communications
Dir. of Initiatives Asst. Dir. of Initiatives
Dir. of Government Relations Asst. Dir. of Gov’t Relations
Alumni & Development
Role available to Alumni


Becoming an Officer

All students interested in serving as Presiding or Administrative Officers must declare/apply by the end of the second day at each year’s session of the Campus YMCA Congress. Elections and Applicant Interviews will take place on the final two days of session.

Those interested in serving as Supporting Officers for Administrative Positions can apply March 1st to April 13th, 2018, and those interested in serving as Supporting Officers for Presiding Positions can apply August 1st to October 28th, 2018.

National Officer Candidates | Declare or Apply Here
Presiding & Admin. Officers: Elections & Interviews at 2019 Session

Supporting Officer Application Apply Here
Presiding Positions: Apply Aug. 1st – Oct. 28th, 2018
Admin. Positions: Appointed throughout year

Questions about becoming an Officer? Email our Director of Operations, Nolan Bush at


Presiding & Administrative Officer Requirements

All Presiding Officer Candidates and Administrative Officer Applicants must be:

  • Registered and in attendance at this year’s CYC
  • Prepared to serve from election/appointment through our 8th Campus YMCA Congress in February 2020.
  • Enrolled in undergraduate courses for the full 2019-20 academic year, graduating no earlier than the end of the Spring Semester of 2020.
  • Presidential Candidates must be at least a sophomore when elected. Presidents are also limited to 2 terms in office.

Candidates must adhere to the following campaign policies:

  • Candidates may not spend over $500 on campaign materials
  • No candidates may use official Campus YMCA email lists or communications channels to promote their campaigns
  • No campaign materials may be posted/hung in official Session areas (meeting rooms, chambers, etc.), but may be distributed during breaks and non-meeting times.
  • All candidates will be given time to speak to voters, either during Session (for the House/Senate) or prior to the start of the Presidential Debate (for Presidential & Vice-Presidential candidates).


Supporting Officer Requirements

All applicants for Supporting Officer positions must be:

  • Registered and committed to attend this year’s Campus YMCA Congress
  • Prepared to complete all pre-session duties and responsibilities
  • Remain in regular communication with the National Officer they are supporting