National Officers

2017-2018 Officers

Claire Gothard
University of Louisville

Gregory Pratt 
Chief of Staff
American University


Presiding Officers

Jack Pelose
Speaker of the House
Georgetown University

Nicole Fielder
Senate President Pro Tempore
University of Louisville

Kermit Thomas Jr.
Colombus State University

Corey Shire
Chief Justice
Northwestern Oklahoma State University



Program Officers

Jackie Thompson
Dir. of Communications
University of Kentucky

Francisco Serrano
Dir. of Development
Western Kentucky University

Melissa McClure
Dir. of Campus Y Operations
Colombus State University

Jared Thomas
Dir. of Government Relations
University of Louisville

Nora Mattingly
Dir. of Social Responsibility
University of Kentucky


Officer Overview

The National Officers are led by our President and Vice-President, who oversee program administration and preside over our annual session. Our remaining National Officers are either Presiding Officers – positions that preside over the areas at our annual session, or Program Officers – positions that lead the administration of essential program operations:

All of our National Officers are assisted by a variety Supporting Officer positions, who are appointed throughout the year to serve in various capacities specific to our annual session or program operations.

President & Vice-President
Elected by Full Program | Candidates
Program Area Presiding Officers Supporting Officers
House of Reps. Speaker of the House House Committee Chairs
Elected by House | Candidates Appointed by Speaker | Apply
Clerk of the House
Appointed by Speaker | Apply

Senate Senate President Pro Tem. Senate Committee Chairs
Elected by Senate | Candidates Appointed by Pro Tem | Apply
Secretary of the Senate
Appointed by Pro Tem | Apply

Cabinet Chief of Staff Cabinet Members
Appointed by President Appointed by Pres. | Apply

Supreme Court Chief Justice Justices (8)
Appointed by Pres. if vacant Appointed if vacant | Apply

Civitas Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editors
Appointed by Civitas Staff Appointed by EIC | Apply
Operations Program Officer Supporting Officers
Program Dir. of Communications Assistant Directors (2)
Communications Appointed by Staff | Apply Appointed by Director | Apply

Development Dir. of Development Assistant Directors (2)
& Fundraising Appointed by Staff | Apply Appointed by Director | Apply

Campus YMCA Dir. of Campus Y Operations Assistant Directors (2)
Chapters Appointed by Staff | Apply Appointed by Director | Apply

Government Dir. of Government Relations Assistant Directors (2)
Relations Appointed by Staff | Apply Appointed by Director | Apply

Social  Dir. of Social Responsibility Assistant Directors (2)
Responsibility Appointed by Staff | Apply Coming 2017-2018