Awards & Honors

Session Awards & Honors

At each session, we recognize delegates with the following awards and honors for outstanding performance both during session as well as in the chapters back on campus:


Overall Awards

Chapter of the Year
Awarded to a Campus YMCA Chapter (or chapters, if performance merits) that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the program both on campus and in preparation for this year’s Session.

Chapters of Distinction
Presented to chapters who complete the annual requirements for being honored as a chapter of distinction.

Servant Leadership Award
Awarded to a student (or students, if performance merits) whose service to the program at the campus and national level has made a significant impact on his/her peers, campus, and the program at-large.


Program Area Awards

Outstanding House and Senate Statesmen & Runner-up
Awarded to Representative and Senators who exemplify the values of statesmanship both in preparation for Assembly as well as during committee and floor proceedings.

Outstanding House and Senate Legislation & Runner-up
Awarded to Representatives and Senators whose legislation demonstrates thorough research, preparation, formatting, and creativity. Award will be determined both by student vote and by the recommendations of Congressional staff who will review all submitted bills for consideration.

Outstanding Cabinet Member
Awarded to a member of the Cabinet for outstanding preparation, performance and leadership in their position throughout the year and during session.

Outstanding Attorney Team & Runner-up
Awarded to Attorney Teams for outstanding preparation, performance, and legal knowledge during oral arguments.

Outstanding Member of the Press
Awarded to a member of the Civitas Staff for outstanding preparation, performance, and published material both before and at session.