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Online Journal & Blog

Civitas is the online journal and blog of the Campus YMCA Congress, offering full coverage of each session as well as investigative journalism and commentary on national policy issues throughout the year. Articles will be posted online before, during, and after session.


Articles & Commentary

After registering as Civitas staff, students will be asked to submit one story, article, or investigative piece for online publication. Staff may also be assigned a column on a specific area of interest at the discretion of the Editor.

Monthly articles and columns can include coverage of program-related news, but will focus on providing reporters a platform to cover campus, state, and national issues. Emphasis will be placed on original reporting and commentary.


Session Coverage

Reporters will be assigned to cover different components of session, from committee hearings to oral arguments to debate on legislation in the House and Senate. Reporters will also cover issues related to legislation before the House and Senate, as well as actions taken by the Cabinet.

Additionally, reporters will be asked to prepare 1 major article/story for publication during session. This article should be a long-term project over the course of the fall.


Social Media

Civitas staff may also be asked to assume social media duties during session, including posts on the Campus YMCA Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. All articles will also be cross-posted across the different social media platforms. Reporters will also be asked to submit photographs for inclusion on the program website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.