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2016 Chapter of the Year

Emmanuel College
Boston, MA


Chapters of Distinction

Chapters of Distinction will be recognized during closing ceremony at each Session.


Chapter Affiliation

Campus YMCA Chapters can be founded at any college or university, at any point in the year.  Starting your chapter is as easy as completing our Affiliation Form. All chapters, new or existing, must re-affiliate at the start of the fall semester each year:

Chapter Affiliation Form


Chapter Requirements

All Chapters are asked to complete the following requirements each year to be recognized during Session as Chapters of Distinction:

  • Register & Attend Session
  • Chapter Development Activities (3)
  • YMCA Service & Volunteering (Once per Semester)

1. Session Attendance
Make sure chapter members register for this year’s session of the Campus YMCA Congress. You can find registration and information on our session page:

Session Registration

2. Chapter Development Activities
All Campus YMCA Chapters will complete, sponsor, or co-sponsor at least 3* Chapter Development Activities over the course of the year. The full list of recommended activities can be found in the Chapter Development Guide in our online Chapter Resources folder. Chapters can also design and submit their own activities for approval and inclusion in our Development Guide using the Activity Innovation Form. Finally, prior to Session, chapters must submit the Chapter Development Report detailing their activities to meet the requirement for Chapter of Distinction.

Chapter Development Guide
Activity Innovation Form
Chapter Development Report

*For 2016-17 due to shortened year (September-January). Starting in 2017-18, requirement will increase to 5.

3. YMCA Service & Volunteering
All chapters are also asked to serve as a group at least once a semester either as volunteers for the YMCA Youth & Government program in their state, or as volunteers with your local YMCA (Togetherhood Projects, Facility Volunteering, YMCA Events, etc.). Please log your service and service hours using MobileServe, our service-reporting app, so your hours are confirmed for Chapter of Distinction status.

YMCA Youth & Government Programs
Find Your YMCA | Togetherhood Projects – Offer to host with your Y!
MobileServe App


Chapter Recognitions

Chapter of the Year
Awarded to the Campus YMCA Chapter (or chapters, if performance merits) that has demonstrated the highest level of commitment and performance through chapter development, service, and their preparation for session.

Chapters of Distinction
Chapters that have affiliated, register for and attend this year’s session, submit their completed chapter development report, and fulfill their service and volunteering requirements are recognized as Chapters of Distinction and receive a discount on their registration fees for next year’s session.

Campus YMCA Innovation Award
An award will also be presented for designing, submitting, and implementing most innovative chapter development activity, complete with a $250 grant to support the continuation of the activity on campus.