Campus YMCA Chapters

Director of Chapter Admin.

Nicole Fielder
University of Louisville


Chapter of the Year

Emmanuel College | 2018
Boston, MA


Chapters of Distinction

Chapters of Distinction are recognized during Closing Ceremony of the Congress. Chapters of Distinction for 2018 include:

American University
Emmanuel College
University of Cincinnati
University of Louisville

Chapter Affiliation

Campus YMCA Chapters can be founded at any college or university, at any point in the year. The only requirement to start a chapter is to complete our Chapter Affiliation Form:

Chapter Affiliation Form (Click Here)

All chapters, new or existing, must re-affiliate at the start of the fall semester each year. Once your chapter has affiliated, you will be sent a Chapter Affiliation Certificate for the year. Affiliation is valid until the end of your spring semester.


Chapter Recognitions

Once affiliated, Chapters are recognized based on our Chapter Point System. Points are awarded for the following:

  • Chapter Affiliation
    5 pts | Form Submitted
  • Campus YMCA Initiatives
    15 pts | Per Initiative Completed
  • Campus YMCA Congress
    40 pts | Chapter Represented at Session

There are two levels of recognition for Campus YMCA Chapters, which are presented each year at our Campus YMCA Congress:

  • Chapter of Distinction
    At least 100 Points (75 for First-Year Chapters)
  • Chapter of the Year
    Highest Overall Point Total