Claire Gothard
University of Louisville


Vice President

Kermit Thomas, Jr. 
Columbus State University


Chief of Staff

Gregory Pratt
American University

Cabinet Positions

Cabinet Secretaries and Cabinet-rank positions are nominated by the President and must be confirmed by a vote of the Senate. Prior to Inauguration at each National Assembly, nominees will appear before committees with jurisdiction over their department or agency for confirmation hearings.

The Chief of Staff and Press Secretary are positions within the Executive Office of the President. They are appointed by the President and not subject to Senate approval. The Chief of Staff leads the Executive Office of the President and serves as the primary facilitator for all Cabinet Members. The Press Secretary delivers briefings to members of the press at the request of the President.

Cabinet Positions 2018 Cabinet Member
Secretary of State TBA
Secretary of Defense TBA
Attorney General TBA
Secretary of Commerce Submit Supporting Officer Application
Secretary of Health and Human Services Submit Supporting Officer Application
Secretary Housing and Urban Development Submit Supporting Officer Application
Secretary of Education Submit Supporting Officer Application
Secretary of Homeland Security Submit Supporting Officer Application
Press Secretary TBA
National Intelligence Adviser TBA

Department Priority Legislation

Each Cabinet Member will draft a piece of legislation to prioritize during Session, and find sponsors in the House and Senate to support the legislation through the committee process and floor debate. Legislation must be approved by the Chief of Staff and President before pursuing Congressional sponsors


Committee Testimony

Cabinet Members will be called to testify before House and Senate Committees on legislation dealing with policy issues within the jurisdiction of their respective Departments, including their priority legislation. The Chief of Staff will coordinate testimony appearances and schedules with House and Senate Committee Chairs once all legislation has been referred to committees.


Cabinet Scenarios

During the Assembly, Cabinet members will take part in a series of Foreign and Domestic Policy Scenarios. These scenarios will encompass numerous policy areas and Cabinet Departments, ranging from domestic issues to foreign affairs. In addition to Cabinet meetings called to address scenarios, the President can schedule meetings to discuss policy briefings on bills before Congress.